Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello :)

I'm working out my customs currently & wanted to show them off. I'm very proud of these shorties I made for little L. They're on their way out to him as we speak...But there won't be action shots till summer time.

"Rainbow with Black" by Kim at Western Sky Knits

And a cute pair of custom scrappy hats for a sweet mama & her daughter I'm also doing a custom scrappy for her son as well. Just waiting on more scraps. This yarn is Yarnoodles - some bfl, some cestari.

Then I'll start working on this in capris...I'm SO excited!! These are for a friend of mine for her wonderful adopted daughter that I can't WAIT to "meet" :: wub ::

Munki Sushi on aran BFL by Yarnoodles

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Katidids said...

LOVE That colorway, My dd is prego, and I heard MOMMY, I want that!!! Was a hoot