Sunday, March 1, 2009

Announcement & a usual photo update!

Hello bloggies!!

I just wanted to let you know that my current customs list is closed. I am no longer taking customs via email but will be announcing a spot to be listed at my storefront (P.J. Bottom's) in a minimum of 3 weeks. All of my current mamas with YYMN customs are being honored and I will always be available via email for any other questions you may have.

I have finished a recent custom. Yarn by Mosaic Moon...Morwenna truely has a gift. Everything I ever knit from her is drool-worthy. Seriously.

Here's "Dragon's Lair" on single ply merino with Lamb's Pride single ply mohair blend as trim:

This is probably the largest pair of woollies I've made to date with a 24" hip and 13" thigh. I hope that they fit their prospective owner :)

I'm also working on something for myself, which is one reason I've closed my customs to new orders. This will be the very first thing I knit for myself!!

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Katidids said...

The shorties are great, nice work! They are big! Can't wait to see what your making for you, beautiful colorway your using. MUST HAVE MORE SNEAK PEEKS!