Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm getting my new camera today. I'll be taking many more fun pics with my new Nikon D40 outfit + 55/200mm lens. I can't even wait. :D

Right now I've still got my shrug on the needles. There's no real rush for it since I don't need it done till the beginning of May. I just cast on Nurturing Threads "Ice Giraffes" but I have to rip it back out. Pooling like a big jerk. LOL! And I'm working on the Rainbow with Black shorties for MYMN semicustom and about to cast on one more thing for Sarah, which is Goblin from MM boarders. :)

I'm hoping to finish up what I have an then get some knitting done for the store or at least offer up 1 semi custom and/or a YYMN for shorts. I'll be keeping everyone posted via here or if you happen to visit my store, I always have updates there on my customs list. :)

And if anyone can tell me how to add my Rav projects to my blog here, please do that.

And one more thing: If you have any action shots of my yarn worked up or of your littles wearing PJB's, send them here :

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