Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some more items for our next stocking in June...

This should be about it, aside from 1 item I haven't yet finished. I'm moving over the next 4 days and thus everything is being put off. I'm sad that I have to put down my kitting for a bit, but we've got to get the heck outta this place. ;)

Here's some recent works...

Yarn is being worked up now into a small pair of board shorties...Hand dyed BFL "Electric Guitar"

Hand appliqued tee shirt to match a pair of shorties embroidered by Julie of Angels and Dragonflies:

A custom for Laura for her son CT. :) "At the Zoo" on bulky merino, hand dyed by Kim of Western Sky Knits.

Low Water Immersion tee & soaker in my own soaker pattern. "Sunset Beach" on bulky merino.

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