Saturday, June 14, 2008

Almost settled in & customs update...

We moved, pretty successfully the first weekend of this month. It was rough. We couldn't fit our sectional in the small doorways of this place & we still have the entire attic to finish off so we can get back into video games. I miss my flat panel tv. *giggle*

I'm opening up my customs again on Sunday June 15th. I'm currently working on 3 items anyhow, 2 of which have been sitting since before I moved & one from a local mama. Here's some of my work in progress...

"Dinos" on Corriedale by Leidy of Western Sky Knits. These are for our next stocking, July 3 @2pm EST.

"Anniversary" on Stallion Organic Merino by Dashing Dachs & I'm trying to dye trim, unsuccessfully. LOL!

"Mint Mocha" on Targhee by Mosaic Moon with trim in BFL dyed by me:

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