Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! :) We spent ours pretty much either recovering from colds or coming down with some, but it was a great couple days for us.

I've finally come to the end of my custom longies list & finishing up a few YYMN hats. I'm getting ready for another stocking on New Years night at 9pm EST/Hyena time.

Here's a few items I've worked on over the last few weeks since my last post here.

A Fae Folk hat, pattern by Sweet Mama, Small Sugar for my son. Knit in Purewool Grass Green 3ply merino.

A Yarnnoodles YYMN Scrappy hat for mama (infant one blocking as we speak!)

and a very late pair of "Christmas Cocoa" on farm corrie by A Twisted Stitch - longies

And here's a wacky pic of my son & I on Christmas Morning. He was being so hysterical, I needed to capture it! Disregard our unkempt hair. ;)

And the massive pile behind Eddie is SOME of my current yarn stash. *FOR SHAME!* That's him with Turner from Handy Manny, as he's told me he's aspired to be when he grows up. LOL!

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