Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recent yarns and YYMN customs

I recently have gotten back into dyeing yarns. I forgot why I started knitting. RIGHT! It is because I first started dyeing yarns. I remember about 3 years ago I first saw hand dyed yarns on Mosaic Moon's website. Now, to someone who had little to no idea what exactly dyeing yarns and knitting wool pants was about, I was extremely interested. I LOVED Morwenna's work and thought her wool pants were to die for.

Then I started thinking, as most new-ish mamas do, what can I do to make money at home?! So I picked up some Lion's brand wool from Wally-World and some cherry & orange flavored koolaid. And off I went. It was LOADS of fun! And messy. And now I had a big knot of yarn. And no reason to have it cause I sure as heck didn't even own a pair of knitting needles!!

Anyhow, back to what I was saying...I recently got back into dyeing yarns & had a great turn out for the 2 I happened to have done that day.

"Funfettie" on P.J. Bottom's worsted organic merino (one of a kind color - no dupes):

Cabin Fever also on P.J. Bottom's worsted organic merino:

Then I was lucky enough to be chosen to work up my own yarn, so here is Cabin Fever on newborn sized woolly britches with a cute teeny hat ::wub::

Also, here's a finished pair of longies & a republic hat (not shown) for my friend Laura in "Harvest" from Nurturing Threads:

A pair of Kirkyard from Mosaic Moon longies from a YYMN custom:


Katidids said...

LOVE Your colorways! Nice smooth color blends.

Myla said...

Thanks! :D