Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Updates!

Teresa at For Crying Out Loud, an advocacy tee shirt makin' mama & myself are bringing you a set for your cloth diapered baby girl. :D

Here's the listing, set to go live for auction on June 30th at 8am till July 1st at 1pm. :)
Kickin' it Old School set!

She'll also have more KIOS tees and Bed Hog tees up. I love those!

Also, I have 2 pairs of shorties in my store set to go live for auction on Wednesday July 1st at 2:30pm - a clearing house if you will. They're set pretty low, so get there to get yourself there early and get your bid in for those last second summer essentials. :) The auction is set for 24 hours.

P.J. Bottom's online store

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