Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Recent Finished Objects :)

Here are an adorable pair of tiny mittens in the Extra Toasty Toddler Mittens pattern. I used a crochet chain to attach them. This is Twilight Knits superwash merino in "Cotton Candy." They're 6" from tip to cuff. These were a YYMN for a friend of mine.

And I'm willing to admit that I'm fully and totally obsessed with Twilight. I'm a 28 year old woman. And totally in love with a fictitious 17 year old vampire! Anyhow, I have a mug that says Team Edward, which I managed to pick up from Rising Sun Earthworks. This is also appropriate because my entire family's names are Edward. My boyfriend, my son, my father, Ed's father and grandfather. So it's more meaningful than it just saying Team Edward cause I love Edward Cullen ;) And I'm reading New Moon in anticipation of the upcoming movie. So I decided to knit the mittens that Bella is wearing in the movie, a pattern offered up by Subliminal Rabbit I found on Ravelry. For those who don't know, Bella is the main character who falls in love with Edward Cullen. These mitts are from the scene in the movie where Edward saves her from getting hit by a truck. The reference shot is next to photo of my mittens. :D Her mitts are dark gray. Eventually I will make some more for me in dark gray, but these were a trial run on Cestari.

Thanks again for those who came out to support Tammy & Team Breezy. Here are the adorable longies I knit for the raffle ticket winner:

Bella on gaia organic merino, by Western Sky Knits:

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