Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Session of Why is this STILL here??

LOL, I'm spamming myself on my own blog. Awesome. ;)

But, seriously! This awesome collab from FCOL & I is super adorable!!!

A set from A Twisted Stitch & Positively Posh...Girly. Longies done in Cestari, adorable 12-18mo tee... WHY! Why is this sitting!!! LOL!

A seriously cute Babydoll dress from Bottomstoppers:

And don't forget that there is a Charity Raffle to support Katie from ENI. I'm offering a semicustom KBK Ear Cozy Hat in Mosaic Moon's Dragon's Lair. Tickets are $2 apiece & you can buy as many as you would like. The raffle runs till Friday the 20th at noon.

Thank you again for your continued support for myself and for Katie. :D

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Katidids said...

They're all so cute! I love the shirts the match perfectly!